Choosing ethernet over “MOCA” will allow faster download speeds with FIOS connections

David Martinez
3 min readDec 26, 2017


This is a step-by-step guide that eliminates the use of MOCA (which is required for set-top boxes and splitting signals). If you only use your fiber optic provider for internet, this solution is for you. You can eliminate MOCA and get a more direct signal over your inbound fiber optic connection to the ONT, by attaching an ethernet cable from the ONT directly to your router.

What You’ll Need

  • An accessible ONT box with “ethernet out” to attach to your router
  • Cat 6 Ethernet cable that will reach from the ONT box to your router
  • The phone number for your FIOS customer service
  • Optionally, a ladder and tools to help you fish the ethernet cable from the ONT box to your router

Let’s get to it.

  1. You may need some simple tools and a ladder to access and open your ONT box. Connect your new Cat6 cable (recommended) from the ethernet connection (outbound/source) on your Frontier ONT (Optical Network Terminal, box on the outside of your home) to your router inside. Look for LED indicators to see if your system recognizes the new cable.
  2. Don’t disconnect the COAX (MOCA) cable yet.
  3. You’ll need to have both connections made for the next step. Internet service can only be provided on one of these connections at a time, and is facilitated by your ISP.
  4. Call Frontier/Verizon FIOS customer service and have them make the switch from the COAX cable to the ethernet cable for internet service. Ask for a higher level technician if the operator doesn’t understand the request. State you have already connected a compatible ethernet cable from the ONT to your router for testing to help them verify you are ready.
  5. To verify the switch was made to supply internet over ethernet, there will be a green LED indicator on inside your ONT box letting you know the ethernet connection is enabled.
  6. Confirm the switch worked by disconnecting the COAX going into your router to see if you can still have an internet connection.
  7. If you can still access the internet, congratulations—you did it!
  8. Now you are getting your internet service over ethernet from the ONT box for the fastest possible speeds over FIOS.

Bonus: Using Your Own Router

  1. If you want to use your own router, just plug it in and move the inbound ethernet cable to your new router, and set to it to DHCP. If it works with the provided SSID and Password (typically on the router of the box it came it), you’re good to go. Considering applying more security as time goes on.
  2. If you can get online, you can now use your upgraded router for even faster speeds.

Backup Tip

  1. Leave the old router in place to fall back on. If your new router ever malfunctions you can use your FIOS provided router to get up and running again.
  2. Feeling really bold? Return the old router to your provider and avoid any extra fees.

Side-note: You may need your provider to install the latest ONT box on the side of your home to provide the ethernet feature. Just tell them you are ‘considering’ upgrading in the future, so everything will be ready for when you make the request.

Cloning MAC addresses and the like: I’d suggest calling your provider and having a tech, or a buddy that knows networking to come help you out if you can’t get this to work. Sometimes ‘releasing the IP or lease’ from your old router helps the new router get provisioned. You can do this by logging into your old router and following the instructions provided for it online.



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